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Rabeko Sauses Rabeko Near Zero calories BBQ steak saus 425 ml
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€ 4,90

Today, diet products are all over the place. What we noticed however, is that despite the demand for light products, it is still not possible to market a calorie arm product without the artificial aftertaste.
We have made our mission at RABEKO to develop low-fat calorie sauces without fat and sugar that still tastes like a real sauce.

Our unique sauces can be used in hot and cold dishes and are suitable for diabetics and people with lactose and gluten intolerance.

Nutritional value per 100g
Energetic values
Energy15 Kcal
Nutritional values
Fats0 g
Protein / Protein0 g
carbohydrates1,90 g
    Sugars0 g


- 02 February 2019 | 09:16
Zeer lekker!
5 / 5
Deze is mijn favoriet! De BBQ saus. Zo kan je toch genieten van een lekker gerecht met wat saus op zonder je schuldig te voelen ;-)
Ann recommends this product!